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CompCure brings together patients/caregivers, clinicians, leading multidisciplinary experts, industry partners, and other relevant stakeholder with a shared commitment to improving outcome in C3G and IC-MPGN.

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Finding ways for improving outcome of C3G and IC-MPGN

About C3G and IC-MPGN

C3G and IC-MPGN are ultra rare and chronic progressive kidney diseases. They commonly lead to proteinuria, hematuria, hypocomplementemia, hypertension, end-stage kidney disease, and several other severe complications that can affect different organ-systems. 

More than half of the patients will reach end stage renal disease (ESRD) 10 years after diagnosis. The diseases recur at a high rate in the allografts after kidney transplantation.

About CompCure

CompCure is a non-profit association that was founded by parents of a girl with IC-MPGN, in collaboration with leading European experts.

The primary goal of CompCure is to improve the outcomes for individuals with C3G and IC-MPGN. This is accomplished by raising awareness of rare kidney diseases, improving the diagnostic rates, generating evidence through research, establishing a comprehensive international registry, promoting the widespread adoption of clinical guidelines, and providing support for the development of new therapies. 

CompCure operates through a strong collaboration between patients, physicians, industry partners, and other relevant stakeholders.

About the ERK network and registry

The European Rare Kidney network (ERKnet) is one of 24 rare disease networks financed and supported by the European Union. The ERKnet counts more than 100 specialized units across 24 countries. 

The ERKnet has established the European Rare Kidney Registry (ERKreg) which includes data from more than 70.000 patients with rare kidney diseases.

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